Yogi Threads is the baby of Katherine Stott – me – an avid yogi and ex-Ashtanga teacher who wanted to create the clothing I wished I could have. The idea was to grow this incredible empire that sold dreamy yoga clothing that everyone wanted to get their hands on. But after trying it out for a few months and realising how much work goes into it, it became more of a sideline that simply allows me to create beautiful things that I can gift to friends and family and also sell to those who want.

This process of learning was yoga in itself… a lesson that resulted in me acknowledging, accepting and moving on, regardless of how I had initially envisaged the outcome. Yogi Threads as it stands today is still a part of me and it is an outlet that allows me to express my passion and love for yoga and everything it has taught me. And the small amount of dreamy yoga clothing and accessories and bits of Bohemian style clothing that come with it are simply a bonus! I hope you enjoy your encounters with Yogi Threads.

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